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List of Wonders!

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_01☆ = Serna

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_02☆ = Slidair

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_03☆ = Super Sonic 101

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_04☆ = Silver

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_05☆ = Super Mario 101

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_06☆ = Massive Pwnage

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_07☆ = SuperStar

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_08☆ = ?????

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_09☆ = ?????

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_10☆ = ?????

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_11☆ = ?????

☆ωω_Wοηdε®_12☆ = Wacha



If your not on there and not listed, contact ☆ωω_Wοηdε®_02☆. Either on the WOOT Clan site/chat or the wonder site.


Check Out the rankings on Water Warfare in the forums.